Thursday, April 18, 2013

Google Summer of Code Update

Hi All,

Over the past week many people have asked similar questions, and since there are probably a lot of other people who are wondering the same things we decided to start an FAQ.  We also re-organized the project list to focus on the things that were seen as most useful for the Funf community.  Some projects have been cut, and others have been clarified with improved descriptions to help applicants focus on what matters the most.  Specifically, we are looking for GSOC students to help build out components and capabilities for Funf that other developers could use as they use the framework, instead of developing end-user applications on top of Funf.

We defined 3 main topic areas: (1) Funf Core, (2) Funf In A Box, and (3) Funf Tools. Within each topic area, we listed a bunch of things we want to do - no one person will be able to do all of them, but we’d like you to tell us what specific sub-topics interest you and how you would be interested in contributing to them. Depending on our applicants and final student quota, we hope to end up with multiple students per topic area who would split up the different tasks among them and hopefully be able to collaborate with one another.

For more information, check out the revised Funf GSOC Project Ideas doc.

Finally, please remember to formally submit your application via the GSoC website once the submission period opens on April 22nd. Please do not just send us your application via email and assume that you have applied, since it will not be considered...

Funf Team

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