Monday, June 25, 2012

Funf Developers - Shirt Winners!

A while ago we put out a call for Funf developers to send us what they've been doing with the framework in exchange for a chance to win an awesome Funf shirt. We had quite a few responses and it was great to see what all you've been working on! True to our word we have selected a couple developers to receive a limited edition* neon-green** Funf shirt.
And the winners are <insert drumroll here>:

Name: George Popescu (EPFL)
Project: GroupFun, a system for recommending mobile music to groups of friends based on their sensor data.

Name: Hossein Falaki (
Project: Ohmage is an open-source participatory sensing technology platform. It supports expressive campaign authoring; mobile phone-based data capture through both inquiry-based surveys and automated data capture as well as temporally/spatially triggered reminders, data visualization and real-time feedback; privacy respecting data management; and extensible data exploration.

And for a look at the shirts:
Our professional shirt models
*   And by limited edition I mean limited by the total number of shirts we ever make.
**  Alternatively titled Funf green or green-screen compatible green.


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